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I ordered my hub to jerk off for my friends - a true story
A Swingers Erotic Story Posted by ionized1 on LoveVoodoo.com

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Here is a post from my wife's yahoo group. Let me know how you like it!

I was talking to a friend and realized I never posted this story
one of my no judgment personal gift catalog selections so here it is.
Tell me what you think.
Here's something I would never had done without the catalog because i
didn't know if my hubby would go for it, but since he left it as an
available selection I knew he would do it and decided to give it a
try. I was having some wine with three of my girlfriends, (ok a lot of
wine with my girlfriends. ..LO and we ended up talking about sexy
topics until everyone was pretty turned on. Now, my hubby is a
handsome man, very well built when he was young and still fairly well
built for his age, better than most actually. He is friendly and i
know my girlfriends like him. They always flirt and pay a lot of
attention to him and, of course, he returns the attention. He likes to
wear shorts w/o boxers and I know a few of my friends have caught a
glimpse of his cock before. As the conversation got hotter so did we
until everyone was very turned on. We talked about guys we thought
were sexy and one of my friends said, "your hubby has a nice cock,
you're a lucky women. I've seen it by accident and, I hope you don't
mind, but it's nice". I jokingly said I should bring him down from the
bedroom to entertain us and help cool us off. Everyone had a good
laugh and I thought that would be the end of it but I guess the wine
and the hormones got the best of us and every few minutes someone
would jokingly say, "we should go get your hubby hahaha"...." so, when
is he coming down hahaha".... Well after many comments like that I
could tell they were getting hornier(so was , and they were sort of
serious. I excused myself to go get another bottle of merlot, (our 4th
between the 4 of us). I went to the kitchen, got the wine and opened
it. I brought it into the living room and asked my friend gina to pour
us some, I had to use the bathroom. I went upstairs and took out my no
judgment personal gift catalog. I went to my hubby and said, I'm
making a selection and here it is. Please do it now. I showed him what
I was choosing. He was very surprised and asked if i was sure. I said
"yes, I'm sure, it will be fine". He said "ok, give me a few minutes
and I'll be right down". Extremely turned on now, I returned to the
living room where my friends were drinking and laughing. i sat down
and gina turned to me and said, "so, wheres dave? hahahahha" every one
had a good belly laugh at that. I said he is upstairs watching tv.
"well go get him hahahaha" gina said as everyone laughed. I could see
everyone was very horny, nipples hard, squirming, flushed faces. A
minute later day came down wearing jeans, a t shirt and a long sleeve
shirt over it. He had changed out of his sweats and t-shirt. Everyone
got REAL quite. My hubby asked, "can i have a glass of wine with you
ladies? He went to the kitchen and got a glass. I could see my friends
look at each other, then they started talking about going to a bar
next weekend. My hubby came back in, poured a glass of wine and sat
down next to me. He took a sip or two as he talked then said, "it's
warm in here and took off his long sleeve shirt. My girlfriend rose
said, "it must be the wine because we're hot too...hahahha" He sat
back down and asked what we were talking about. Everyone got very
quite, uncomfortably quite, not wanting to say yours and every other
mans cock. I broke the seemingly eternal silence and said, "just girl
talk". he said oh, ok, I understand and asked Gina, the one who flirts
with him the most if she was wearing a new shirt? She blushed and said
yes, Joe, (her husband), got it for her last month. He said it was
very nice and then said, "do you want to see what my wife got for me?"
Sure they all said. with that he stood up and took off his pants to
show a dancers thong the he had purchased a year ago for some role
playing we did, (another catalog choice. I could see he was half hard.
It got VERY quite as all eyes looked at his cock. "do you like it?" he
asked? "oh yeah....very nice, nice choice girl" they said all at once.
Their mouths were hanging open in shock but they were clearly turned
on, The squirming and nipples told it all. I sat back knowing what was
coming next and watched my girlfriends reactions. my hubby said, "man
it's hot", and took off his t. "and this thong is nice, but it gets a
bit small at times and chafes a bit when I get excited", which he
clearly was now. His cock had grown to full size and was straining to
get out. He reached down and rubbed his cock a few times the stepped
out of his thing, his cock springing out. My friends sat there,
mesmerized at what was happening. They looked at me and I smiled,
sipping my wine. he was doing a fine job of fulfilling my choice. Rose
was beet red, embarrassed but clearly enjoying the show. She could not
take her eyes off of his cock. Gina said, "yeah, wow, thats what I'm
talking about" and sat back to enjoy the show. The other girls took
her lead and made comments like "very nice", "your a lucky women". He
said thanks and started to stroke his cock. It got very hard very fast
as he was clearly enjoying himself. Gina started to gently rub her
pussy while rose and ann just sat sipping their wine watching the
show. He moved closer to them as the watched. Gina tried to reach out
and feel his cock but Dave pulled away, that was not part of the
selection and he was not going to allow anything that was not part of
the gift. I was enjoying the power of making him perform for us and
was very hot. He moved over in front of me and i said, "that's ok
dear, I see it all the time, entertain them" so he moved back in front
of my friends. I could see his balls churning as he stroked his cock
in front of my friends as the watched and sipped their wine. a very
hot scene. They were very buzzed and could not take their eyes off of
him. After 5 minutes or so I saw his balls convulse and a huge load
spewed out on the hardwood floor, his hand and Gina's lap as she
discreetly rubbed her pussy, (as discreetly as a drunken women in my
living room could...she thought she was discreet I'm sure but she
wasn't lol). all three women just sat there, mouths open, nipples
hard, pussies twitching I'm sure, not saying a word in utter
disbelief. He came for at least 30 seconds then picked up his shirt,
wiped off his cock and the floor then said, "excuse me ladies, I'm
going to finish watching my movie now." With that he picked up his
wine, pants, long shirt and thong and went upstairs still butt naked,
cock swinging with every step he took. As he left, they looked at each
other then at me then laughed out of nervous embarrassment. "that was
HOT" Gina said and the others agreed. I said, well you all seemed to
really need something so I figured I would have him take care of it
for you. "How did you get him to do that?" they asked. So I explained
the catalog and our passion for Voyeurism and exhibitionism, how my
husband ordered it for me a long time age, etc. The rest of the night
we talked about the catalog, what we have done from it and how lucky i
was to have a husband that would do something like that for me.
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