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Watching My Wife
A Swingers Erotic Story Posted by Wes59 on LoveVoodoo.com

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We are a very happily married couple and we decided to tell you about a particular part of our sex life that gives both of us an incredible amount of pleasure. We know that it isn’t for everyone; in fact we were a little reluctant to write about it but, after lots of discussions, we thought that by being honest about our particular secret it might help others like us.

We have a great sex life…better than a lot of couples we know…but part of our intense sexual enjoyment is something that is very private…I love to watch my wife having sex with other couples and getting fucked by other men.

After we had been married for several years I can remember that I started to have these fantasies of watching my wife fucking another man while I sat in a chair next to the bed watching them. Sometimes I would fantasize about sitting on the bed with them as they fucked, or even having my wife jack me off as she was getting fucked. For many years, like any fantasy, I kept then to myself.

Then, about four years ago our sex life had gotten pretty boring and predictable and one night, while we were fucking, I was completely lost in one of my stronger fantasies and I just started telling her, as we fucked, what I was fantasizing about. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. At first she was a little shocked but to my surprise, the more I talked to her about watching her getting fucked by another man, the harder she fucked me back. I told her, in great detail, about how I imagined seeing her naked, lying on her back in our bed with another man between her legs pumping his hard cock into her wet cunt. I told her how I imagined the sounds of her cries of pleasure filling the room as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. I told her how excited it made me just to think about watching her getting fucked. I still remember that her orgasms that night were stronger than they had been in a long time. Her erotic moans and cries of pleasure that night filled our bedroom. Afterward we lay in bed and talked for hours about my long held private fantasies that finally came out. We both discussed it and I was surprised, she was not only fine with it, it really turned her on and we fucked again that night before finally going to sleep.

That night changed marriage in a very good way.

It took us several months to finally act on our new desire. It wasn’t easy to find the right person to invite into our bed and into my wife’s cunt. We have a good friend named Thom that we’ve known for years and he was going through a divorce at the time and so one Saturday evening we invited him over at our home for dinner. My wife was wearing a sort of wrap around, sexy, silk dress that made it obvious she wasn’t wearing anything under it and I remember how Thom kept looking at her. After dinner we went into the living room and chatted for a while and after a couple of glasses of wine our conversation naturally turned to sex. My wife and Thom were sitting on the sofa next to each other and the more we talked it was obvious that everyone was getting very aroused.

As the evening went on our sex talk got very open (and erotic) as we all shared some pretty intense sexual secrets with each other. The pure sexual energy in the room was incredibly strong and I told Thom about my fantasies. As I described it in detail my wife was lightly rubbing Thom’s thigh just below his cock (which was already erect inside his trousers). After I finished I looked at Thom and simply asked him, “Would you be interested in fucking my wife while I watch? He was a little surprised yet he quickly agreed.

The three of us went into the bedroom and my wife was the first to be naked. I could see Thom’s eyes feasting on her luscious body as she climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. Her legs were trembling slightly as she kept her legs spread, giving both Tom and I a clear view of her wet, and freshly shaved cunt. The effect was incredible and we both had hard erections. When we were all naked I sat in a comfortable chair facing the bed with my cock standing straight up and throbbing. My breath was shallow with my excitement and I watched, in deep anticipation as Thom moved between my wife’s legs and positioned his face just inches from her swollen labia. I’m not sure I ever saw her as turned-on as she was at that moment. In anticipation of what was about to happen she began to massage her own breast and nipples. As Thom’s tongue parted her lips and found her clitoris she jolted and let out a deep moan of pleasure. She had several orgasms as Thom ate her pussy and fingered her wet cunt.

After she had a particularly hard orgasm, Thom moved up and held himself above her as he guided his hard cock into her wet love hole. As his cock slowly slipped into her vagina I almost came but managed to hold it back. A very small amount of thick white cum oozed out of my cock as I watched my wife getting fucked by another man.

It was more erotic than I had ever imagined. It was finally happening! Another man was between my wife’s spread legs fucking her cunt and making her cum over and over. They were completely ignoring my presence. As they fucked I was gently jacking myself off and holding myself back from ejaculating.

It wasn’t long before Thom begun fucking my wife with deep, hard strokes. I knew that his orgasm couldn’t be held back much longer and with a series of particularly hard thrusts into her body, they both let out a loud moan as his cock began spewing cum into her sex-hole. I actually came at the same moment and enjoyed a powerful ejaculation that shot some of my own cum on my hand and halfway up my chest which my wife later helped me clean off as Thom watched.

After that first evening Thom would fuck my wife several times a month while I watched. After Thom leaves we fuck and talk about how erotic the evening was for both of us.

We have had sex with many others (singles and couples) since that first time but that would take several more letters to tell about.

We hope you enjoyed our story.

Will and Tess (Not our real names)

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